Although the name is new, our enterprise is built on more than 30 years of experience in stainless-steel trading and marketing. We take great pleasure in our ability to understand our clients’ needs and help them with only the best from what stainless-steel market has to offer.

Azzaron Marketing sources highest quality stainless steel from various manufacturers bringing it directly to our clients. We handle all the payment and logistics related concerns, so that the client can breathe easy.

Our specialization lies in the bouquet of products that we can procure, including single piece, rounds, bright bars, squares hex, CC billets, plates of various sizes, forged bars, and many more.

We ensure every product is delivered not just on time but is also accompanied with quality certificates and reports. 


With a wide array of products in our repertoire, Azzaron marketing can help you source the right and economically viable material that suits your requirement perfectly.

SS round bars can withstand high level of acidity and therefore can be used in alkaline solutions or high chlorine environments.  They can also be used in manufacturing of machine tools, electric pumps, electric motors, railway engines, coaches, ammunition, automobile parts and many more.

Replete with two-phase microstructure with grains of ferritic and austenitic stainless steel, Duplex steel is uniquely beneficial. It is twice as strong, highly resistant to corrosion and has significantly better toughness as compared to regular ferritic stainless steel.

Forging quality ingots are used for direct upsetting forging open die forging and other engineering cases.

From the fabrication of windows, grills, gates to the shafts, pins, fasteners etc., Square Bright bars are favorable for a wide variety of requirements.

A flat surface and an angular display makes stainless steel flat bar ideal for a multitude of projects such as support building, frame construction and even industrial artwork.

An extremely crucial material in fabrication, manufacturing and repair, hot rolled round bars are mostly used when precision and dimension aren’t a priority.

Precipitation hardening steel is mostly used in aerospace, nuclear and oil & gas industries where corrosion resistance and toughness is a crucial factor. This metal is three to four times hard as compared to 304 or 316 stainless steel types.

Continuous casting is a process which involves continuous solidification of liquid steel into strands of metal. Products cast through this process can be further used as feed material for further forging and rolling.


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